Medical Records and Data Abstraction

Few potential trial participants make it through to enrollment. Data abstracted from medical records helps sites and investigators focus on the right participants.

Identify and engage the right participants

Many clinical studies devote considerable time and cost to enrolling participants. Despite that focus, many sites enroll few patients. Recruiting diverse participants is also a challenge, with many audiences often underrepresented in clinical research.

Data abstracted from medical records is a reliable and cost-effective resource for effective study recruitment. Our digital workflow and proprietary data help our trained professionals access records from any location nationwide. Information can be reliably abstracted from records to match your protocol and delivered as structured data. 

Let us show you how we speed study startup and clear recruiting logjams.

Medical Record Retrieval

Accelerate site and patient accrual

Data from medical records is a practical solution for clinical trial efficiency. Our digital workflow is configurable to your protocol, participant populations and site locations. Medical record retrieval is a managed process which includes participant consent and authorization, administration of record fees, quality control and much more. Our process is designed to get records in record time, reduce site friction and eliminate the burden on patients and investigators.

Data Abstraction

Everything begins with your inclusion/exclusion criteria

Like most elements of EMSI’s digital workflow, our data abstraction services are tailored to your needs. Depending upon complexity, our process includes prototyping your project workflow and can include biospecimen collection and site administration services such as enrollment confirmation. EMSI’s range of data services includes our patent-pending INSIGHT structured data abstraction. INSIGHT incorporates AI-enabled audits and quality control for each record processed. Let us show you how we put medical records data to work for clinical trial efficiency.