In-Home Biospecimen Collection

Our national network of iPad-enabled phlebotomists are trained and monitored to follow your protocol

Convenience and comfort

Making trials more convenient and comfortable for patients means more patients will participate and stay engaged. Conducting protocol visits at home or at the workplace helps patients participate in trials regardless of study duration, visit frequency, disease state or distance from sites.

  • Patients and family appreciate comfort and flexibility
  • Investigators can recruit and retain participants from a larger geographic area, ensure diversity and increase compliance
  • Sponsors see faster recruitment, better retention and fewer sites required for study completion.

Result: consumers get access to new therapies faster.

Biospecimen Collection

Your protocol

Our biospecimen collection processes are highly configurable. We handle everything from designing and procuring custom sample collection kits to developing special shipping procedures and adapting our iPad-driven workflow to your protocol.

Remote Data Collection

Gather environmental data and more

We’ve supported studies measuring exposure to environmental factors found in the home or workplace. In addition to health data, these programs may require capturing environmental samples such as dust, water, and air samples. Our trained team can collect a wide variety of samples. Our team can also deploy and monitor sensors, install measuring equipment, and instruct study participants in wearable devices. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual Trials and Hybrid Studies

Reduce the burden on study participants

Travel and time can be burdensome for study participants. Designing patient-centric protocols are essential. Complex trials may benefit from a hybrid approach combining virtual and traditional trial elements. Benefits can include richer data, lower costs, and increased participant diversity and engagement. Learn more about our approach to virtual and hybrid studies.