Engaging and Enrolling Participants

Participant engagement is an engineered process that begins by qualifying participants.

It’s an engineered process

It begins by qualifying participants through telephone interviews based on your inclusion/exclusion criteria. Biospecimen and data collection before site visits can further screen candidates and improve enrollment results. Flexible and convenient participant scheduling delivers recurring home visits that boost retention.

Boost Engagement and Retention

Participant contacts tailored to your study requirements

Screening participants prior to site visits boost engagement and retention. Our trained professionals conduct participant telehealth interviews based on your inclusion/exclusion criteria. We can create reflexive scripts to confirm health histories and deliver surveys to gather additional data.  Our interviews also include scheduling in-home visits to collect biospecimens and deliver welcome packages to participants. Let us show you how we keep participants engaged.

Reducing Site Friction

Our centralized project management aligns sites, sponsors and participants

We have supported over 200 studies over the last 20 years, including many longitudinal programs that continue today. That experience has kept us focused on monitoring, measurement and details. We can work with sites on enrollment reports, and with program hubs and your analytics partners on data reporting. Operationally, our performance monitoring and training platforms ensure professional interactions with your patients. Our end-to-end services include biospecimen collection and post-collection processing if required. And we support rigorous sample shipping requirements to your designated laboratories.