Underwriting Solutions

From full service underwriting to staffing to QuickQuotes, our employee underwriters help you scale to meet demand.

Insurance is a variable industry

Cyclical fluctuations can double your normal volumes. Adding new, full-time underwriters can be costly. 

EMSI’s employee underwriters average over 20 years of experience on life, health, disability, and long term care products. Our affordable hourly rates and flexible contracts can help you achieve your goals while keeping recruiting and training costs down. 

Result: improved efficiency for your team

Full Service Underwriting

Improved retention, attendance and performance

We know your producers, your applicants, and we know underwriting. EMSI’s home-office-trained life underwriters become part of your team. We will match the expertise you require and securely underwrite in your system, providing management and mentoring support if you prefer. Our underwriters are full time, permanent, EMSI employees with access to all the benefits of being an employee.  As a result, you will see improved retention and attendance.

Underwriting Staffing

Highly competitive hourly rates and you only pay for the hours worked

Our flexible underwriting services are the answer whenever you are challenged to cope with product development, system updates, pricing changes, staff audits and more. We recruit, interview and match underwriters with your specific skill set needs and team dynamics.  After initial training, we provide performance feedback and coaching. Once the term of your initial contract is up, you can renew on a month to month or annual basis.

INSIGHTsm Medical Records Summary

INSIGHTsm improves underwriting efficiency

Our patent-pending INSIGHTsm summary saves hours in reviewing medical records. Each INSIGHTsm summary includes a concise narrative and clear presentation of applicant data essential for life underwriting. INSIGHTsm also delivers one-click access to source documents for further review. Prepared by experienced life underwriters, each INSIGHTsm summary is backed up by an AI-enabled quality audit employing natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR). 

Quick Quotes

Agents want to get clients the best rate

You want accuracy as well as speed. Our experienced underwriters develop quick quotes with your guidelines in mind.