Medical Record Retrieval

We continuously improve our process to give you the best cycle time in the industry. Let us show you the data!

Focused on your need for speed

We attack inefficiencies other companies don’t notice. With proprietary data and unique processes that reduce delays from special authorizations. Our industry firsts include:

  • First in our industry to electronically integrate with the largest copy service, saving days
  • First process to match each facility’s special authorization requirements upfront, saving days
  • First medical records summary to abstract structured data from medical records – with AI-assisted quality control
  • First in our industry to access electronic medical records

Result: Improved efficiency for your underwriters

Get Records Faster

Fast medical record retrieval demands trained professionals supported by a fast, efficient technology platform. Our latest workflow enhancements include direct electronic integration with the copy service handling more than 25% of industry volume. We have also automated case escalation. Let us show you the data, and introduce you to the team that leads our industry.

OneTouch Special Authorization Process

Many hospitals and clinics require their own, unique authorization to release records

And about one-third of those authorizations are never returned by applicants or rejected because of errors. That’s why we developed the OneTouch process. It draws on EMSI’s proprietary data to detect and fulfill these requirements upfront. Just one touch to your applicant saves days. Let us show you the data.

INSIGHTsm Medical Record Summary

Medical records take hours to review

Our patent-pending INSIGHT summary is designed to improve underwriting efficiency. Each INSIGHT summary includes a concise narrative and clear presentation of applicant data essential for life underwriting. INSIGHT also delivers one-click access to source documents for further review. Prepared by experienced life underwriters, each INSIGHT summary is now backed up by an AI-enabled quality audit employing natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR).  Looking to power automated underwriting with structured data? INSIGHT is the answer.

Electronic Medical Records

EMSI was the first in our industry to access electronic medical records 

Electronic medical records (EMR) today provide information about recent episodes of care, and we continue to deliver electronic records as part of our standard workflow. However, EMR systems from competing vendors cannot exchange information, so interoperability gaps persist. Underwriters confirm that EMR data alone is today insufficient for underwriting decisions.  See the Kaiser Health News report here