Brokerage Solutions

Fast, digital solutions tailored to your unique brokerage needs

Your clients are our clients

You and your firm work hard to build a brokerage that serves all of your unique clients well. We understand your business and we have tailored our services to fit your needs – and your clients’ expectations. Our technology platforms speed your processes and help you close cases faster.

Digital Paramedical Exams

In-good-order, mobile exams

Our commitment is clear: EMSI is driving to 100% digital, in-good-order exams. We pursue that goal through IGO Mobile, a strategy that includes deploying company-owned iPads, developing custom carrier workflows, and new job aids and incentives for examiners – all backed up by dedicated local management.

Medical Record Retrieval

It’s all about the workflow

Fast medical record retrieval demands trained professionals supported by a fast, efficient technology platform. Our latest workflow enhancements include direct electronic integration with the copy service handling more than 25% of industry volume. We have also automated case escalation. Let us show you the data, and introduce you to the team that leads our industry.

Drop Ticket Solutions

Faster cycle time, more convenience for your applicant

Your agents complete a short, online information form with the applicant and we take care of the rest.  Our application specialists complete Part I and Part II with a phone interview and schedule the exam. Medical records, motor vehicle reports, Rx histories and more can be automatically ordered. The best part is the simplicity:  agents complete a few short questions and we handle the rest.

Full Service Underwriting

Improved case placement fast 

Placing your cases quickly and with the best rate possible is your priority.  Everything we do is designed to help you place your case. We’ve designed our process to answer questions before they are even asked.  We know what’s important, just like you do.  

Brokerage Medical Records Summary

Ready to shop summary at your fingertips

Simply receiving a summary of the medical facts about your client’s case won’t help you place it.  You need a summary that you can put into action immediately. Our summaries come ready for you to shop and include detailed recommendations that outline ways to improve an existing offer. 


You want the best rate for your clients. 

When you have a high-value life insurance policy on the line, you want to know which carrier will give your client the best placement.  We use highly trained and experienced life insurance underwriters to process quick quotes summaries with an overview of the history relevant to an offer.  We keep carrier guidelines in mind.