Company Alerts

Insurance Exam Case Status Hotline: 1-800-872-3674

Workplace, Wellness and Clinical Case Status Hotline: 1-866-928-3674

Corporate and Branch Offices

All corporate and branch locations are open and fully operational.  

Please stay tuned to our web page for the latest closures and updates. 

Technology Platforms and IT Infrastructure

All EMSI technology systems and platforms are currently 100% operational. There are no scheduled maintenance events to report at this time.

EMSI’s Holiday Schedule

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Employee Hotlines for Corporate Office Status

In the event of a local event or severe weather conditions, the following corporate offices have hotlines you can call to receive an update on the status of the office:

Jacksonville: 866-541-7988

Irving: 214-689-8042

Waco: 254-299-4001

About these updates

EMSI will provide information here about any situations that may cause a disruption in our delivery of services, whether planned or unexpected. Please check for updated information on when service is anticipated to be restored and any progress during a disruption. If you are experiencing a system issue that is not detailed here, please contact our IT Support Desk.